The energetic house cleaning – What is it ? – How does it work?

For many people, a house cleaning is the entry into the spiritual world. Often they previously have not yet dealt with spiritual issues and spirituality she has not even particularly interested.

But then a friend says , an acquaintance or a fleeting encounter with them: Do something, even a house cleaning”!

Only you smile then maybe a little, laughed at it, but then you think to yourself, “Why not?” After all, you feel in your own four walls is not really good and that’s what you should nevertheless actually.

For your own home is finally there, it should be an oasis. Perhaps there is in the house where you live, yes but still any old energies of past days?

So soon you enter an esoteric shop or find out from someone who has done this before. “How to do that now?” The answer: “Take a little incense, burn it up and walk through your house!” Some may still says: “You can clap and that one has previously done so and that dispels the spirits!”

Cleaning of the tents for parties

The cleaning of the tents for parties is not half as expensive as the cleaning an apartment or a banquet hall thanks to the PVC material. Again, this is a clear advantage of party tents . Usually it is enough to clean the tent with a damp cloth and some soapy water. The removal of contaminants takes place in even when pitched at best. So you will hardly miss a spot and you better come closer to the side panels.

The roof you may need to bring down from the drill to clean it can. Clean the soiled area with a cloth and soapy water. It is important that the tent is no longer sticky. If the tent packed and untreated nor -adhesive, you should at the next use have difficulties to grab it apart and rebuild it.

Should you find a party stubborn dirt such as soot, tar, have to fight fat and oil residues , we recommend our PVC and PE cleaner. This is a highly alkaline cleaner that cleans all water-resistant surfaces in a gentle way.

Even the heaviest encrustations and lawn green will be able to remove it. After cleaning the party tent you should rinse and dry the tarp with clear water. Do you want to use your party tent even further , it is advisable to pull the wet tarp just back on the rod.

Washing recommendations

Although in some winter weeks the car will not long remain clean , you should wash the carpet often in order to prevent damaging the car. Also , cleaning of the carpet should not be neglected, because the visibility can be greatly affected by dirty plates and greatly reduced the power of the headlights with dirty glasses. Therefore recommend a multitude of counselors, ADAC and also we at least 1-2 washes per month. Frequent travelers should consult a weekly wash.

After the winter, a particularly car wash should make sure that all salt residues were washed away. Even an underbody cleaning must be done. Then is the carpet was visible attacked by salt or gumming or plastic parts were strongly affected, you can still clean it in time. This damage can be removed with particular care products.

Waschpark tit in winter

At temperatures below 0 ° C it is propagated to the fact that washing facilities are closed in gas stations. This is mainly because that the washes are usually operated there with no staff and no so extensive winter maintenance can be operated in and around the wash bay. In addition, only well heated car washes in the winter can be operated continuously, which is not the case in many older gas station.

In order to do some in-house advertising: Our halls are all heated, we work with warm water and there is always someone on site to take care of their vehicles in order to protect you from the perils of winter underwear. So we wash at all temperatures and which is now in the 16th Winter.

Only the jet washes may be closed for safety reasons due to significant, double-digit minus straight line, but at such temperatures a laundry outdoors is not recommended anyway.